Daily Egg Consumption Raises Diabetes Risk

Investigative study on the relationship between long-term egg consumption and the risk of diabetes in Chinese adults. Researchers analyzed data from 8,545 adults aged 18 or older.

Increased Omega 3 Intake Led to Better Cognitive Function in Middle Life

Around 2,100 middle-aged, dementia, and stroke-free participants underwent brain scans and cognitive tests.

Skipping the Evening Meal May Improve Your Mood

Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers conducted a randomized controlled study on 19 participants made up of 12 men and seven women. Participants were subjected to conditions that simulated night shift work and were then randomly assigned to one of two mealtimes.

Weighing in on Coronavirus

Body fat may be a host of the coronavirus, accelerating the spread and level of infection.

Consume Fewer Calories to Add More Years to Your Life

A new study has shown that eating fewer calories may help you live longer and stronger.

Meat Consumption Linked to Multiple Sclerosis

Researchers from Universities in Connecticut, Washington, and Australia collaborated to study the correlation between diet, gut microbiome, immune system, and blood metabolism. 

Binge TV Watching Linked to Blood Clots

Researchers found that people who watched TV for four hours a day were 35% more likely to develop blood clots.

Chewing Slowly to Lose Weight

A new study published in Scientific Reports suggests that chewing your food slowly may help in the fight against obesity.

Palmitic Acid Promotes Tumor Growth

In a recent study on mice, scientists found that palmitic acid promoted metastasis in mouth and skin cancers.